Crazy Ass Swimming Pools



June 24 – July 9, 2016


You have traveled the Ring Road and you THINK you have seen it all! Think again! Welcome to the one of the most isolated and beautiful regions in all of Europe: the West Fjords of Iceland. This tour takes you wayyyyy off the beaten track to see some of the country’s best-kept secrets and natural phenomena that few other travelers get to experience. Imagine narrow fjords, jagged mountains, crazy ass swimming pools and hot pots, breathtaking birdlife, perhaps a chance meeting with an Arctic Fox, and utter desolation and tranquility. This adventure is for anyone who enjoys heights, hiking, swimming, the great outdoors, playing tricks on the guide, laughing, eating candy, and forgetting that you are an adult. No crybabies, cranks, or pantywaists are invited.

Krummi Travel LLC hesitatingly presents the most madcap survey ofIceland’s Western Fjords imaginable! The Crazy Ass Swimming Pools of the Western Fjords runs from June 24 – July 9, 2016. Cost per person double occupancy is $5800 per person. Cost per person single occupancy is $6800. MOST hotels have private bath but you don’t care because you are not a pantywaist. STOP BELLYACHING ABOUT THE COST! This is a two week trip and includes: RT Air from Boston via Icelandair based on $800 per person. All breakfasts and dinners. Some lunches. Entertainment which is none of your beeswax. Admission to all Crazy Ass Pools including The Blue Lagoon and Museums, the services of the most fun, amazing guide in the country, one hell of an amazing geologist who will make total sense of this zany place, and your share of the coveted candy bag. There will be laughs, locals, surprises galore….I am so excited about this trip I could burst. Only 12 lucky children can be on board. We travel small because that’s the way we roll! No crybabies, cranks, or pantywaists are allowed. We deliver Iceland to you like no other because..frankly…we are bad ass. Welcome to the Western Fjords, Krummi Style. Lives will be changed, friendships made, candy consumed. Book now or regret!

Single Occupancy

Double Occupancy


June 24
Day 1: Departure
Head to Boston and your early evening flight on Icelandair ( Please check airline website for details regarding luggage and meals.

June 25 / 26
Day 2 / 3: Welcome
Upon arrival at Keflavik Airport, collect your bags, hit the duty free for any adult libations you feel you might need, change some money (ATM or at the bank). All alcohol purchased at Duty Free must be consumed in your rooms and not the common areas of our hotels. It’s just not a nice thing to do.

Support these damned local people!

You will be collected by your private beyond absolutely fabulous Icelandic guide..the best of the best Fridrik Runar Gudmundsson and head for breakfast at a cozy café tucked into a harbor in one of Iceland’s most noted fishing ports. After breakfast we’ll set off at a leisurely pace passing through Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik (you’ll become very acquainted with it at the end of the trip) We’ll head along old Route 1 which skirts the shores of stunning Hvalfjordur (Whale Fjord) Lunch will be at a farm known for its brilliant mussel soup. Perhaps we’ll roll up our sleeves and collect some of the very mussels we’ll be consuming for lunch! A side trip to the town of Akranes will put you in touch with a gentle Lighthouse Keeper. We’ll settle into our hotel in late afternoon. The rest of the day is free to decompress at this lovely country hotel that once served as an old fishing lodge. The area surrounding the hotel is breathtaking, perfect for an afternoon or evening stroll under the midnight sun. Dinner will be at the hotel this evening and if we have the strength…perhaps we can decorate the heard it right…we decorate the damned bus!

Our second day will be spent exploring the beautiful west and shaking off the rest of the jetlag in preparation for our trip to the Western Fjords. We’ll spend time at Haafell, The Icelandic Goat Capital of the World, and learn from Johanna Bergmann Thorvaldsdottir how she became the champion of the rare Icelandic Goat. A visit to Pall of Husafell will make your heart go pitter patter. We’ll visit Pall in his studio and you’ll understand why he is considered one of Iceland’s national treasures. The spectacular waterfall, Hraunfossar is unlike any in Iceland! The rest of the day will be spent exploring the beautiful Aftanes peninsula around our hotel. Dinner will be at the hotel and after dinner we’ll meet another new friend!

June 27 / 28 / 29
Day 4 / 5 / 6: Djupavik or BUST!
And awayyyyyy we go. Set out after breakfast enroute to this extraordinary place…one of the most remote destinations in the Western Fjords. Along the way we’ll have some ice cream BUT ONLY IF YOU BEHAVE at the wonderful dairy farm called Erpstadir. We’ll pay homage to Erik the Red with a visit to his home. Leifur Eriksson was born here! What stunning scenery we’ll encounter as we meander along the fjords on our way to Djupavik. Anamazing diversity of birdlife and history are highlights of this region as well as one of the craziest of all crazy ass pools, Krossneslaug. We’ll have plenty of time for long hikes, birding, and exploring the old abandoned herring processing plant. We’ll eat delicious waffles in a very remote town, learn about ghosts and outlaws (Fridrik’s stories on this trip will be abundant!!!) Our hotel, at what will seem to be the end of the earth, was originally the dormitory for people who worked at the herring plant. It is cozy and charming as are all of the people who own and work at the hotel. I am so excited about returning to Djupavik (and the cake buffet)!

June 30 / July 1
Day 7/8: Hay Day at Heydalur!
Say goodbye to Standir and head southwest, making a pit stop in Holmavik for a visit to the Sorcery and Witchcraft Museum and its famous necropants! We’ll also stop by Drangsnes, the small fisherman’s village at the fjord Steigrímsfjörður, to see a crazy ass pool that is very popular with the locals! We are enroute to our lovely country hotel, Heydalur. Here you will have opportunities to ride their Icelandic Horses or perhaps choose to do some sea kayaking! Hiking is also an option and at the end of the day you will be able to soak away any aches or pains in the hotel’s very own crazy ass hot pots. We’ll also jump into the bus and explore a very large crazy ass pool at nearby Reykjanes. A long, lonely, and winding coast road grips the Isafjarðardjúp Fjords. The only icecap in the north of Iceland, Drangajökull, can be reached by driving through Snæfjallaströnd and we’ll take a short trip to Sudavik and its Arctic Fox Center to learn about Iceland’s only native land mammal!

July 2 /3
Days 9/10: Off to Patreksfjordur
We have a long drive ahead of us today. After an early breakfast we’ll head north for a brief visit to the capital of the Western Fjords, Isafjordur where we’ll have lunch in one of the oldest houses in town. You won’t believe the layout of this lovely little town sandwiched on a wee isthmus between towering mountains. Isafjordur’s crazy ass airport is..well..crazy ass! Watching planes from Reykjavik take off and land is one of my very favorite thrills! We’ll have a couple of hours to explore the town before heading towards our next destination. Dynjandi is undoubtedly the most spectacular waterfalls in all of Iceland. Here is an opportunity to hike up the tiers of these beautiful falls. We’ll be driving around Dýrafjörður fjord and Arnarfjörður…very scenic fjords linked by a switchback mountain road. Here we enter ghost and Sea Monster country!!! There is a ghost ship in Patreksfjörður where we will be spending the next two nights (not in the ghost ship but a nice hotel)! In Iceland, it is rare indeed to see golden and red sand beaches but here they are in abundance on the south coast of the Western Fjords. Abundant birdlife and sea lions are very typical here. The extreme west is home to the most majestic cliffs in Iceland and all of Europe.

The nine mile stretch of the Látrabjarg bird cliffs (about 1300 feet high) is home to millions of breeding puffins, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmars. This is definitely a wonderful hiking destination so let’s hope Tom brings us the good weather we are accustomed to having when he is on board!

July 4 / 5
Days 11 / 12: Island Hopping!
We’ll make a quick stop near and Flokalundar to see a very crazy ass hot pot perched at the edge of the fjord and one other very nice crazy ass pool on our way to catch a ferry in the afternoon.


FLATEY. This charming island is an artist colony and seems to have taken a step back in time as it has many beautifully preserved nineteenth century timber buildings. Winter population on Flatey is 5 (five..yes…FIVE). The rest of the day will be spent at your leisure exploring the island, hiking, and birding. Your next two nights will be spent in the island’s only hotel and what a doozy it is! And the food!!! ZOWIE! This has been a long and rigorous trip and these days in Flatey will rejuvenate you!

July 6 / 7 / 8
Days 13/ 14 / 15
Around mid morning board the Ferry Baldur for your trip to Stykkisholmur on the north coast of the spectacular Snaefellsnes Peninsula. We are on our way to spend three days in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. Wait until you get a load of our hotel for the next three nights! Our next days will be filled with visits to crazy ass pools and hot pots in and around this charming capital including the world famous Blue Lagoon. You are going to cheese school to get yourselves educated! We may hike up Mount Esja or perhaps even head out to Hvalfjrordur to visit Iceland’s tallest waterfall, Glymur. We’ll venture along the south coast and visit the oldest crazy ass pool in the south near Eyjafjallajokull with the name: Seljavallalaug. We’ll enjoy some of Iceland’s most magnificent waterfalls as well. There will be ample time to explore the city, shop, and eat some very fine meals….and visit even visit some of the crazy ass pools in Reykjavik including the smallest! All of this is available if you can drag yourself out of our incomparable hotel!

July 9
Day 16: Home Again Home Again
After an early breakfast we are off to Keflavik for our flight home. At the airport: Please be sure you leave Fridrik in Iceland as kidnapping is an international offense. Upon arrival in Boston collect your bags, pass through customs with your hot dogs and raw lamb and smoked fish because it’s OK to bring this stuff back into the US because Iceland ROCKS.

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